Thursday, October 13, 2011

Poll: President Obama Hits New Low in New Jersey

A new Quinnipiac poll released today shows President Obama has fallen to his lowest approval rating in the Garden State ever.

From Politico:
Garden state voters disapprove, 52 percent to 43 percent, of the president’s job performance - his lowest score in the state since taking office, according to the Quinnipiac Polling Institute.


Disapproval of the president is 88 to 10 percent among Republicans and 60 to 34 percent among key independent voters.

New Jersey Democrats still overwhelmingly approve of the president, with 77 percent approving of his job performance and 19 percent disapproving.

There is also a large gender gap among voters in New Jersey, as 50 percent of women approve of Obama, with only 45 percent disapproving. 60 percent of men, on the other hand, disapprove of the president’s jobs performance, with only 36 approving of it.

Obama still polls well head-to-head against GOP challengers, however.
That said, Obama currently leads possible Republican challengers in head-to-head matchups in the state, beating former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney 47-41 percent; Texas Gov. Rick Perry 49-36 percent; and businessman Herman Cain 47-38 percent.
The final Quinippiac presidential approval poll taken in New Jersey before the 2009 gubernatorial election showed Obama enjoying a comfortable 55/39 approval split. Chris Christie, of course, won that contest over Jon Corzine by roughly 3.5 points even though Corzine received considerable help from Obama during the campaign.

Meanwhile, after Chris Christie's approval rating bottomed out at 44% in June of this year (47% disapprove), he has rebounded to an astounding 58% in Quinnipiac's latest poll (only 39% disapprove).

Can the GOP steal a win in New Jersey in next year's election? It's still a long shot, but polls are trending in the right direction.

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I wonder what the polling would be, if the general public knew Barry's CT. SSN 042-68-4425 officially FAILED E-VERIFY? "Notice of Mismatch" here -

Anonymous said...

Christie's number in NJ might stay ok, but his numbers among national Conservatives took a hit when he endorsed Mitt W. McRomney.