Thursday, October 06, 2011

He Owns It: Obama Embraces 'ObamaCare' Label

It wasn't long ago Democrats sniveled over ObamaCare being used as a pejorative. Now the desperate Obama claims he cherishes the monkiker.

President Obama is embracing the term “ObamaCare” on the campaign stump, attempting to turn the tables on critics who use it in a derogatory way.

“They call it ObamaCare?” the president told supporters at a St. Louis fundraiser Tuesday evening. “I do care! You should care, too.”

Earlier in the day, Obama told an audience in Dallas, “Folks go around saying ObamaCare. That’s right — I care. … That’s their main agenda? That’s your plank? Is making sure 30 million people don’t have health insurance?”

The president’s remarks are clearly part of a White House strategy to reclaim some lost ground on healthcare, taking the fight to Republicans.

“I have no problem with people saying Obama cares. I do care,” the president said in Minnesota, the first stop of his rural bus tour this summer. “If the other side wants to be the folks that don’t care, that’s fine with me. I do care.”

The second most senior Democrat in the House, Rep. John Conyers (Mich.), has been urging Democrats to embrace the term for months. He had even taken to handing out buttons with the words “I [heart] ObamaCare” as part of his campaign to rehabilitate the moniker.
Great strategy. I care, so therefore the other guys don't.


William Teach said...

Well, Obama doesn't really have anything else to stand on when it comes to the law, since it is causing people to lose their insurance and prices are rising faster, so, he has to make it a personal attack.

Bob said...

Well, these days Jimmy Carter is "proud" of the fact that he never sent US forces into a war.  Lemons into lemonade...

RightKlik said...

Why is The Hill reporting this as if it's new?  Obama used the same stupid line at least 7 weeks ago: