Thursday, October 06, 2011

NY Times: You People Making Under $250K Have to Give Back Your Bush Tax Cuts

They must be out on the streets of Lower Manhattan being overwhelmed by the stench of the "99%" demanding their fair share of whatever. Sure, this will go over well. Have the middle class "give back" piddling tax cuts they got 10 years ago. What effing planet are these people living on?
Ultimately, families making $250,000, and even those making less, will have to give back some of the tax benefits they got from the Bush administration if the budget is to return to long-term health. Beginning that tax-reform process now makes more sense than confining the new tax to millionaires, whatever its populist satisfactions.
I encourage Democrats to go along with this plan.

Commenter "Cornholio" is down with the plan.
The tide is turning toward more progressive taxes, even punishment of the wealthy. Occupy Wall Street and its off-shoots will energize the left. Don't be surprised if we hear that Christie and Palin were scared away by this shifting tide. And don't expect the tide to only help us.
Can these people possibly be more delusional?

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