Saturday, October 15, 2011

Idiot Protesters of the Day

The freaks are still out clogging up traffic in Manhattan. Clearly their lives are so empty they skipped enjoying a lovely autumn day to make nuisances of themselves.

They are the 0.99%.

Check out this douchebag wearing a gas mask yet saying he isn't anonymous. OK, twerp, then show your face. The hardhat is really a cool look, as if this puke has ever performed a day of labor in his miserable life.

Then we've got this guy, who clearly is behind payments on his student loans.

They're really itching to become violent. But remember, they're very peaceful or something. As of several minutes ago:
Cops are pushing and shoving protesters who won't follow orders and move down 46th st.

Police are forming a line with barons and telling protesters the street is
closed to move.

Protesters are chanting "whose streets? Our streets." Many don't want to move.
It would be nice if there was a responsible Democrat out there to call off their dogs. But why would they do that? They want this.

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