Sunday, October 02, 2011

'I'm Here to Foil the 1%, To Ruin Their Plans'

The Gothamist has a photo spread of the moonbats "occupying" Wall Street. Someone even brought their illiterate child along. How cute! How he plans to foil the evil 1% when he can barely write or spell isn't explained.

This guy can actually write legibly and conveniently uses all caps. Not quite sure what the message really means, though.


Carole said...

Thanks for posting these pictures--they are hilarious! Pathetic, yet hilarious!

FrankG said...

hey, there's a guest-blogger at Ace that looks like.....ohhhhh

The Reaganite Republican said...

<span>What it means is is he relies on obsecenities in Sharpie caps and 7-11 checkout-counter shades to make a point  
That said... hard not to agree with the guy here in the deep, dark depths of the gruesome Obammunist era</span>

Casey Tompkins said...

Dunno, dude; I think he was fairly pithy with that one. :-D

He's right up there with the "The rent is too damn high! fella..."

Toejam said...

I think I heard Dr. Spock say they to Captain Kirk on a 1960's episode of Star trek, when he was describing the Klingon banking system, which is similar to the Shariah law financial concept.