Thursday, October 06, 2011

Irony: Delicate Jay Carney Tells Sharyl Attkisson to Toughen Up

Hmm. Who would you take in a fight, this prep school, Ivy League puke Jay Carney or an award-winning reporter who's a third-degree black belt in taekwondo?

I know where my money is.
At Wednesday’s White House daily briefing, Fox News Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry asked Press Secretary Jay Carney to respond to a report that a White House official had “screamed and cussed at” CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson, over the unfolding Fast and Furious story. Carney said he didn’t know about that specific conversation, but elaborated in his response that, in general, “hard-bitten journalists” ought to be able to handle “tough conversations” and “an extra decibel or two in a phone conversation.”

Henry related Attkisson’s claim, which she made on Laura Ingraham‘s radio show. ”Sharyl Attkisson, a CBS News reporter, said, a few days ago that a White House official just yelled and screamed at her, she’s been reporting on this for some time, about this whole story,” Henry said.

He then framed his question within Carney’s experience as a journalist. “You were a reporter once, when government officials start yelling at you, sometimes it’s because they’re getting defensive, right?”

“I have no insight into the conversation she may, or may not, have had,” Carney began. ”I know that you guys are all hard-bitten veteran journalists, and probably don’t complain when you have tough conversations with sources sometimes.”
But when White House employees are abusive toward the press then why should the reporter remain silent? You can bet your last dollar the sniveling Carney would whine like a little bitch if he was screamed at in such fashion,.

We've never seen a White House get more favorable press yet whine endlessly when they perceive a reporter to be unfair. The notion of a Carney lecturing anyone to toughen up is laughable.

Stories were floating around Wednesday claiming Attkisson is being silenced. Sure doesn't look that way.
Don't worry! Nobody is being silenced. Thanks for the interest in the reporting on Gunwalker. #atf #ff #gunwalker

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bandit said...

It is hilarious seeing that sissy bitch tell anyone to toughen up.