Friday, October 14, 2011

More Fun With Hand Signals!

I thought maybe that idiot we showed from Portland the other day was one of a kind. Apparently not. Here's a group of blithering idiots from San Francisco demonstrating their own batch of hand signals.

Five-year-olds laugh at these people.



scott said...

This is the product of 60+ years of social engineering and public school / academic training? We are TOAST! :-E

Rose said...

These Lord Of The Flies moments are why we devised a representative system of government.

Poor dumb things. I wonder if they will look back in embarrassment.

And, to my own kids - I thank god every day that you re not on of these stupid idiots.

Coquimbojoe said...

What is the singal for douchebag?

Richard Butler said...

Every fucking one of those wankers must be straight out of Hollywood Central Casting. Then again you have to consider the source - San Francisco. You have to remember that these are the children and grandchildren of the drug using/abusing hippies of the sixties. It explains everything. Damaged chromosomes.