Friday, October 14, 2011

When Talking Points Backfire

We noted the other day the unseemly behavior of the DCCC when they tried to score cheap political points following the revelation of the alleged Iranian terror plot. Well, Montana Democrat Jon Tester took that a step further yesterday.

He probably now wishes he didn't.

Yesterday, at a Senate Banking Committee hearing, Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., attacked U.S. companies that do business with Iran, singling out Koch Industries, despite the fact that Tester has taken money from companies that also did business with Iran.

"Recently I heard that one of America's largest companies, Koch Industries, was in the business of supporting Iran through energy development. Um ... if they are doing there are probably others that are doing it," Tester said yesterday.
Koch Industries bitchslaps Tester back.
Senator Tester, while singling out Koch Industries as an example of a U.S. company that had done business in Iran through foreign subsidiaries, omitted the fact that he has accepted numerous campaign contributions from U.S. companies that are apparently either continuing to do business in Iran or that just recently stopped doing business in Iran.
One of those companies if GE. It's curious how these hacks single out Koch, but make no mention of GE or Honeywell, another company Tester accepted money from.


a fellow patriot said...

Imagine that!

John Scotus said...

He was just throwing as much crap as he could against the wall to see what stuck, thinking that one would call him on it. And with the MSM, usually no one does call these Dems of this crap.

Richard Butler said...

Pot - meet kettle.