Saturday, October 01, 2011

'Personally, I'd Like to Bring About a Total Revolution'

Insufferable douchebaggery. The pimple-faced kid around the minute mark adds a special touch. But the hero of this romanticized, sanitized version of the Wall Street protests is the grating hipster at the 1:30 mark calling for revolution and sounding ominously like Tim Robbins.

See if you can find a single person who's not a self-parody.


Doug Fletcher said...

Wow, man it's like another Woodstock, man.

Every time one of these dbags speaks I suspect they're creating a hundred tea party voters.

jeaneeinabottle said...

I don't kow about a Woodstock but they will feel the results of what thay want if Obama is reelected again and I bet they will be the first to complain.  How romantic is camping out in NYC and thinking you're doing good with like minded people?  I pray they come to their sensces.

Richard Butler said...

These fools are straight out of Central Casting. The only thing missing is the Chicago Seven.