Wednesday, October 05, 2011

'Without Money We'd All Be Rich'

I've figured out how these occupiers are going to bring us to our knees. We'll be clubbed into submission by clever signage. Looks like the NYPD may have to break out the pepper spray and some nets.
This feels like a mighty, professional union rally. There are thousands upon thousands of people here in Foley Park - and they continue to stream in.

The crowd is more angry and aggressive than any of the other Occupy Wall Street rallies I have been to since September 17th.

This crowd feels for the first time in more than two weeks, like it is united in it's demands: the rich need to pay so "the 99%" can get paid. This crowd wants jobs. They are not asking. They are demanding.

The crowd is now shouting "Shut the country down!" as they prepare to march to Wall Street. Helicopters hover above.
Shut the country down? Do these people have the slightest clue how stupid they sound? Is anyone else getting a mixed message here? They want to shut the country down, but are demanding jobs.

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laZrtx said...

Hey man,,lets drop acid and go protest something.