Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Great News: Now You Can Win Dinner With Algore and Pelosi

Do the solicitations ever end with these people? Last week Michelle Obama pimped out a chance for dinner with Barack for a mere $3 donation.

Now I opened my in-box and was greeted by the most chilling subject line: From: Nancy Pelosi, subject: dinner Monday?

Shudder. And if that's not enough, she throws in the bloated windbag Al Gore.
Jammie --

As a special thank you, I wanted to give you and a guest the opportunity to have dinner with former Vice President Al Gore and me the evening of October 10th in San Francisco. Now is your chance to enter -- the contest ends tomorrow at Midnight.

Click here to be automatically entered for a chance to win a trip to San Francisco (airfare and hotel included). You and your guest will be my guests for dinner with former Vice President Al Gore on October 10th.

Now more than ever, grassroots Democrats like you are critical to our campaign to win the House Majority. We must stand united against Republicans’ extreme agenda.

Our special dinner with former Vice President Gore comes as House Republicans are continuing to push their radical, anti-environment agenda.

Please enter today -- you could be part of our extraordinary gathering in San Francisco on October 10th and have dinner with former Vice President Gore.

Thank you,

Nancy Pelosi
The minimum contribution is $10. So these two are worth more than Obama?


Anonymous said...

They'd have pay ME... And there just ain't enough

Richard Butler said...

Well Nazi Pelousy should be able to handle the wine part of Dinner cosndering she has extensive holdings in a Winery/Vineyard. As for Al Gore, He seems to have a line on some very good food sources if one cosiders his rather ample girth and weight gain. Should be a good party with hearty supplies of food and drink.