Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another Sleazy Friend of The Clintons

Dick Morris has a curious column today detailing an incredibly sleazy guy named Vinod Gupta and a company called InfoUSA, which just so happens to have Bill Clinton on the payroll.
As The New York Times reported on Sunday, InfoUSA compiled and sold lists of elderly men and women who would be likely to respond to unscrupulous scams. The company advertised lists such as: "Elderly Opportunity Seekers" - 3.3 million older people "looking for ways to make money "Suffering Seniors" - 4.7 million people with cancer or Alzheimer's disease; "Oldies but Goodies" - 500,000 gamblers over age 55. It described one list: "These people are gullible. They want to believe that their luck can change."

Internal e-mails show that InfoUSA employees were aware that they were selling this data to firms under investigation for fraud - but kept on selling the information, even as the scammers used the lists to bilk millions from the elderly.
Read the whole thing.

More on Gupta at the New York Sun.

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