Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bad Health Care, Deficient Welfare Keep Americans Short

Sneering European condescension meets Ivy League pomposity.

Why not call us stupid while you're at it?

Probably timed to go with the latest nonsense from Michael Moore.
A new study published in the current issue of the Social Science Quarterly by researchers from Princeton University in the US and the University of Munich in Germany indicates that the difference may have to do more with politics than biology. Specifically, the study, which involved the statistical analysis of demographic and health data collected between 1959 and 2002, concludes that the spotty US health-care system and weak welfare net could explain why Americans have stopped growing.

"We surmise that the health systems and high degree of social security in Europe provide better conditions for growth than the American health system, despite the fact that the system costs twice as much," said study co-author John Komlos from the University of Munich in a statement. "There are also indications that American diets are deficient in several areas."
Read on. It gets worse.

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