Thursday, May 31, 2007

Islamic Skydiving

Maybe next they'll come up with midair detonations.

Skydiving the Islamic way
MUSLIM woman in the north west are being offered a chance to enjoy the thrill of 'Islamic' skydiving for the first time claims an Iranian British-based businessman.

Dean Ghobadi, a director of a sky diving and pilot training firm Paaviation, can arrange an 'Islamic' skydive from 10,000 feet over Iranian soil and he says 15 per cent of his booking come from thrill seeking Muslims in the UK.

Mr Ghobadi, aged 28, said until his firm's offer Muslim women who wanted to skydive could not complete the stunt without breaking the principles of Islam.

He explained: "To skydive beginners have to be lashed to a licenced skydiver who are all male. Islam prevents such close physical contact between Muslim women and male other than their husband.

"We have tried to get licenced female skydivers in the UK. In fact there are three. But one is ill and not practicing and the other two are in the army."

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