Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dead Man Talking

Murderous thug, friend of Michael Moore and Jimmy Carter, and all-around piece of human garbage Fidel Castro has allegedly given a statement detailing his health issues.
HAVANA (AP) -- Fidel Castro's recovery from intestinal surgery 10 months ago was delayed because the first of several operations he had went badly, the communist leader said in a statement that gave the most detailed account of his health since August.

Castro, 80, said in the Wednesday statement that he is now eating solid food and improving after "many months" of intravenous feeding. It was the most information released about Castro's condition since his Aug. 13 birthday, when he asked Cubans to be optimistic but not rule out possible "adverse news."

"It was not just one operation, but various," Castro wrote in the statement that the government sent to international media by e-mail. "Initially it was not successful and that had a bearing on my prolonged recuperation."
It's great he has such wonderful healthcare on his island prison.

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