Friday, May 25, 2007

Pandering Two-fer for Breck Girl

Pandering like there's no tomorrow, and at the rate his campaign is going, there may not be one, John Edwards now comes out (no pun intended) in favor of gay immigration rights.

Is there any segment of the population the Silky Pony won't pander to?
John Edwards, facing criticism from some gay rights activists today, has come out in favor of a key plank in the gay rights platform: Legislation that would allow gays and lesbians to bring their foreign partners into the United States just as opposite-sex couples can.

Though a relatively obscure issue on the national scene, the issue of gay immigration is an important one within the gay rights movement, partly because — unlike more symbolic issues around the word "marriage" — it has a direct, disruptive impact on the lives of some gays and lesbians. Some American citizens have actually emigrated to countries with pro-gay immigration laws.
I guess good hairstylists are hard to come by. Edwards doesn't favor the surge, he favors The Serge!

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