Thursday, May 24, 2007

Edwards Lambasted, Plays Victim Card

It's bad enough John Edwards made the absurd claim the war against Islamofascism is an ideological doctrine, but after being called on it, he's now playing the victim and using the flap to raise money.

Is there a level he won't stoop to?
Unfortunately, it's simple. The president and his allies—the whole right-wing buzz machine—are doing what they do every time someone opposes them. They attack their patriotism, call them weak, castigate them for not supporting the troops and don't let up until they get their way. That's the whole point of the political doctrine they call the "global war on terror"—it's a sledgehammer they use to crush opposition by twisting the meaning of patriotism, and it's given us the worst abuses and biggest mistakes of the Bush Administration, from Guantanamo to the war in Iraq.

The only way to beat them is to stand our ground and not give an inch. That's what John Edwards did today.

Today, he went to the heart of America's foreign policy establishment and called out the Bush crowd for their misuse of patriotism. He had the guts to say what all of us know—that the Bush Terror Doctrine has failed our troops and failed America by straining our military to the breaking point and sowing chaos around the world.
It's all our fault apparently. In the world of the Breck Girl, 9/11 never happened. Everything since then, well, that's just a way for Halliburton to make some money.
The sledgehammer of the global war on terror came right out again—this time aimed squarely at John Edwards. Today, the national Republican party launched a vicious attack at John for asking Americans to speak out to support the troops and end the war.

They actually accused him of profiteering from the war because he's asked for your support and even had the nerve to ask you to pay the cost of a tee shirt. Of course, if the RNC really wants to attack someone for profiteering, they should call Dick Cheney's friends at Halliburton and ask them to return the billions of dollars they've made on a war that Dick Cheney promoted from day one.

Of course, they claim they're being silenced now, so quick, send them some more cash. Silky Pony just doesn't have enough.
Enough is enough. We need to reclaim patriotism from this crowd that has abused it over and over again.

We have a right to speak out. We have a right to stand up for our beliefs. And we have a responsibility to support the campaign that is leading the way and working to end this war.

So join us. Visit the website. Make your voice heard. Contribute to the campaign—whatever you can do. I just donated $100—even $10 will help. But make no mistake—the only thing more powerful than their sledgehammer is your voice, so we need your help right now.

Tell the White House, tell the country, tell the world—John Edwards, you, all of us—we are patriots, and we will not be silenced by their terror rhetoric.

It ends today. It ends now. It ends right here
Wow. Tough talk.

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