Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chavez to Sue CNN; Looks to Seize Second Station

So who do you root for?
Venezuela says it will file charges against US cable network CNN for linking President Hugo Chavez to Al Qaeda.

It says it will also sue a Venezuelan TV network for encouraging Mr Chavez's assassination.

The move comes a day after popular Venezuelan TV network RCTV went off the air after the Chavez Government cancelled its broadcast licence.

Information Minister William Lara has presented what he says is CNN footage displaying pictures of Mr Chavez juxtaposed with those of an Al Qaeda leader.

Mr Lara says CNN also aired a story about the Venezuelan protests but used images taken in Mexico of an unrelated story.

"CNN broadcast a lie which linked President Chavez to violence and murder," he said.

CNN has issued a statement strongly denying being "engaged in a campaign to discredit or attack Venezuela".

The news network has acknowledged a video mix-up and "aired a detailed correction and expressed regret for the involuntary error".
Meanwhile, the jug-eared maniac has eyes on another Venezuelan television station.
May 29 (Bloomberg) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez threatened to shut down the country's last opposition television station as students took to the streets for a third day, protesting what they say is a crackdown on free speech.

Chavez said he had ``no fear'' of criticism he might face for closing Globovision, a 24-hour news channel that he accused of trying to instigate his assassination. The threat follows the May 27 shutdown of Radio Caracas Television, Venezuela's most- watched TV network.

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