Friday, November 19, 2010

Good News: Obama Front Group Out With First Post-Election Attack Ad

Well, that didn't take long. I could see something like this coming once the new Congress was sworn in, but two weeks after the drubbing the Democrats just took?
The ceasefire in political advertising since Election Day ended on Friday, as a liberal group went up with a new ad hitting the GOP on tax cuts.

Americans United for Change released a new television ad casting congressional Republicans as acting at the behest of monied corporate interests when it comes to the expiring tax cuts, unemployment benefits, and other major issues before Congress.

The ad will run on national cable over the weekend and on local cable stations in Washington, D.C., and is intended in particular to set up the White House summit later this month between President Obama and congressional leaders in both parties.

"On the campaign trail, Republicans and their corporate backers paid a lot of lip service to the Tea Party crowd about reining in the deficit," said Tom McMahon, the executive director of AUFC. "But back in Washington, what’s the very first order of business? Blowing a Texas-sized hole in the deficit by extending the Bush tax breaks for Wall Street bankers and millionaires."
To no surprise, this crew is one of many Democrat front groups, formerly run by the man who is now the DNC Communications Director.
Brad Woodhouse as of February 2009, is the Director of Communications and Research for the Democratic National Committee, now the home of Barack Obama's massive fundraising and email list known as Organizing for America. Woodhouse was most recently president of Americans United for Change, communications director for USAction, and listed as a press contact for Americans Against Escalation in Iraq.
Surely you'll be shocked to discover the tentacles of George Soros involved with this outfit.

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