Thursday, November 18, 2010

Soros-Funded Center for American Progress Laments Arizona Losing Money Due to SB 1070

Of course, the New York Times merely refers to this group of thugs as a liberal policy group, although we admit that's progress right there in identifying them as liberal. Still, no mention of George Soros and his deep pockets or of John Podesta or Van Jones, other distinguished members of this group, which clearly has an agenda in opening our borders and sowing chaos.
The state’s convention business as a whole is down $45 million this year, hurt by controversy over the state’s immigration crackdown that went into effect over the summer, according to a study to be released Thursday.

Spinoff effects bring economic losses into the hundreds of millions of dollars, according to the study, commissioned by the Center for American Progress, a liberal policy group in Washington. Potential future effects of fewer convention bookings could mean Arizona will receive an overall hit of more than $750 million, the study said.
The State Senate President tells them where to go.
The State Senate president, Russell Pearce, a Republican who sponsored the law to encourage illegal immigrants to leave the state, dismissed the report as a fiction and said illegal immigrants were costing the state billions.

“I get tired of this,” he said. “Arizona is not the bad guy. Arizona didn’t make illegal illegal. We’re enforcing the law.”
While Soros and his goons celebrate, the big losers in all this are ... Hispanic employees who work in the tourism industry.
Those hurt most of all by the boycotts and canceled business, Ms. Jarnagin said, have been hotel workers, many of them Hispanic, who have been laid off during the slow times.

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which represents 3,000 Hispanic-owned businesses across the country, opposed Arizona’s immigration approach but did not favor a boycott because of the disproportionate effect such sanctions would have on Latinos.
It's not exactly as if CAP even pretends to be objective.
Arizona’s enactment of harsh, anti-immigrant legislation—S.B. 1070—sparked an incendiary national debate over the role of states in making and enforcing immigration policy. Some states and localities rushed to copy Arizona’s draconian approach; others adopted resolutions condemning Arizona’s intolerance. But all states would be wise to consider the practical implications of their decisions before following Arizona any further down the proverbial garden path.

Passage of the Arizona legislation triggered a fierce, national public-opinion backlash against the state and led many national organizations and opinion leaders to call for economic boycotts.
Considering their hostile stance toward Arizona, why is the media so quick to simply rehash their press releases? (Oh right, they're in bed together.)

Where exactly was this fierce, national public-opinion backlash? Maybe in the media, but I never recall seeing a single poll under 70% support for SB 1070. I guess if you repeat a lie often enough...

Naturally, they make zero mention of the money the state saves as illegals flee, but I guess anything that refutes their nonsense isn't worth studying.

Expect this "study" to lead many a newscast today but don't expect any insight or analysis of the dubious group peddling the story. Or of the awfully coincidental timing of the release coming just at the moment Democrats are trying to ram through the DREAM Act.

Update: The charming Podesta has a curious take on what our armed forces are for.
How does one “move the country forward”? In the center’s report, Podesta explains that Obama can use executive orders, rulemaking, and even the armed forces “to accomplish important change” and that such means “should not be underestimated.”
Via GWP.

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