Monday, November 22, 2010

Lupica: If That Dummy Bush Can Become President, So Can Palin

According to the miniature sportswriter, Palin's road to the White House is littered with potholes, mostly because she's really, really stupid, unlike a guy with a glaring factual error in his column.
Maybe nothing should surprise us at a time in America when Bush's popularity is as high it has been since he was starting wars under false pretenses. And when the only person who can knock him off the top of the best seller lists is Palin, whose new book comes out Wednesday.

Bush was the one-term governor of Texas who became President because his last name was Bush, because he was the affable son of a great American, because people liked him. Palin didn't even last a full term as governor of Alaska, quitting to become rich and famous and a darling of the media on the right the way Obama was the darling of the media from the other side in the last presidential election.
For a guy so busy telling us how dumb Bush and Palin are he might want to check his facts. Bush was elected governor of Texas twice.

But he and Palin are the idiots, not some little jocksniffer.
It is why you nearly fall down laughing when you hear Palin portraying herself as some victim of the media, even though the author of "America By Heart" - bless her heart - isn't trying to be funny. She certainly can't be talking about all the big, loud media guys in this country who get so tongue-tied and star-struck around her it's as if they're trying to ask her to the prom.

Her book will go to No. 1 and beat Bush. She has her own television show, produced by Mark Burnett, huge reality TV guy. Her fans try to fix "Dancing with the Stars" for her kid. She is Rupert Murdoch's current queen of all media. And her own best dance moves - about whether or not to run for President - are analyzed constantly.

Palin hates the media? It would be like Derek Jeter announcing he hates baseball.

It is unlikely that she can be elected President, mostly because she doesn't have an original thought in her head. But is it impossible, especially in the country we've got now? Are you kidding? Just look at how the current No. 1 on the best-seller lists, Barbara Bush's son George, is doing. All he had to do to make eight train-wreck years as President go away was go on a two-week book tour. Dick Cheney must be waiting for his own publication date like kids wait for Christmas.

All Bush had to do was be funny and self-deprecating, talk about how people were surprised he could "write a book, much less read one," and his approval ratings were right back where they used to be.

It had nothing to do with the book, by the way. Bush merely had to present himself as the good ol' boy people thought they were electing when he came out of Texas. Just like that, he found out he didn't even need to rewrite history. Everybody else was doing it for him.

Suddenly the dead and wounded of Iraq weren't supposed to matter. Or imaginary weapons of mass destruction. Or Katrina, or torture, or the economy holding as well on his watch as the levees of New Orleans.
No need to rewrite history when you have clowns like Lupica doing it for you.

Ironically, Palin actually has a journalism degree, unlike Lupica.

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