Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shocker: Anti-Violence 'Activist' Arrested for Inciting a Riot

You can't make this stuff up.
Six people were arrested and one officer used pepper spray as Irvington police tried to break up a peace rally that authorities say turned into a melee.

Township Police Chief Michael Chase said the dust-up started Wednesday night when members of Newark’s Anti-Violence Coalition were holding a rally in memory of the victims of a double homicide on Myrtle Avenue last week.

Despite an officer’s warning to remain on the sidewalk, the group tried to move the demonstration into the street, Chase said. Coalition member Bashir Akinyele said his group had a permit that allowed them to block the intersection at Myrtle and Madison avenues, but Chase said the permit allowed them onto only the sidewalk.

Six people were arrested on several charges including obstruction of justice and resisting arrest. Sharif Amenhotep faces the most serious allegation, a charge of inciting a riot.
It must be a New Jersey thing. Back in August a man was shot to death at an "anti-violence" event in Paterson.

Maybe the authorities ought to ban "anti-violence" events. Things are just getting way too violent at them.

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