Monday, November 22, 2010

Google Satellite Spots Junk in the Trunk

I remember the days when it was reasonable to assume you could walk out onto your own driveway buck-naked, hop into the trunk of your car, and not have to worry much that the endeavor would be captured on the internet for posterity.

Ah, those were innocent times.
A GERMAN man has become the butt of internet jokes after a Google Street View camera snapped him climbing into the boot of a car — while completely naked.

The baffling picture shows a nude man manoeuvring himself into the boot of a Mercedes which is parked on the driveway of a house in Mannheim, south-west Germany.

A dog can be seen lying on the driveway surrounded by the contents of the sports car's boot.

It is unknown whether the man is sporting a pair of tight, skin-coloured shorts but a number of theories have been raised about the bizarre situation.

One internet user told technology website CNET he thought it was just "an illusion" with the man wearing shorts and fixing the brake light on the Mercedes while the dog was just basking in the sun.

The story behind the surreal situation is unknown and Google has removed the image from its Street View website, which only went live in Germany at the beginning of the month.

h/t: Erika Andersen. Cross-posted here.

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