Monday, November 29, 2010

Heh: Obama Announces Zero-Tolerance Policy for Leaking Classified Info

Now that everything's public he's flexing his puny biceps.
President Obama has ordered a government-wide crackdown on access to classified information to limit the future airing of secrets by WikiLeaks.

At Obama's direction, the White House Office of Management and Budget sent out a memo to all agencies to make sure their workers can only see what they have to see to do their jobs.

OMB Director Jacob Lew said there will be a zero-tolerance policy under the new directive.

"Any unauthorized disclosure of classified information is a violation of our law and compromises our national security," according to reports.
Leaking classified data was patriotic when it was the Bush administration was the target. Now that he an his minions look like blithering idiots, all of a sudden it's time to stiffen his famed spine of steel.

Random thought: If Fox News was first to broadcast this information to the world and not the New York Times, how much indignation would there be on the left?

As always, Iowahawk puts things in perspective.
Good news! Wikileaks failed to get our 2 biggest national security secrets - contents of the HCRA & Obama's college transcripts

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