Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grayson: Think of All the Ditch-Diggers and Ditch-Fillers Big Government Could Employ if We Jacked Up Taxes on the Grey Poupon Crowd

Didn't the good people of FL-8 run this loathesome blowhard out of town on a rail earlier this month, by nearly 20 points?

Geez, just beat it already dude.

For the record: There are no 'Obama tax cuts for the middle class' on the table in Congress. None. That's because neither President Obama nor the Democrats are proposing tax cuts for the middle class, or any other class for that matter. The debate, such as it is, is between maintaining the status quo for all taxpayers (what Grayson ignorantly derides as the 'Bush tax cuts for the rich') and either jacking up taxes on everyone (what Obama really wants) or jacking them up only on the 'rich' (what Obama will reluctantly settle for).

It's heads, they win - tails, nobody gets a tax cut.

And soon we'll all be 'rich', with statist creeps like Alan Grayson nosing through our beeswax to see if we've made any frivolous purchases lately.

h/t: Real Clear Politics. Cross-posted here.

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