Thursday, October 23, 2008

'Every Day I Wake Up With a Beer Is a Good Day'

Nothing like that first beer of the morning. This gem comes from none other than that man of peace, Rodney King. Honestly, I'm surprised this guy is still alive.
Rodney King is swigging a beer as he talks with TV's "Dr. Drew" Pinsky.

"Every day I wake up with a beer is a good day," he says as he drains the bottle.

King, whose 1991 beating by Los Angeles police led to deadly rioting the next year, is among eight famous people set to face their addictions on the second season of VH1's "Celebrity Rehab."

The premiere episode, airing Thursday, shows actors Jeff Conaway, Gary Busey, Amber Smith and Tawny Kitaen hooked on opiate painkillers; King and former "American Idol" finalist Nikki McKibbin dealing with drug and alcohol dependencies; and rockers Sean Stewart and Steven Adler struggling to stay away from street drugs, prescription pills and alcohol.
Sounds like a lovely show. If I'm ever really depressed and need to cheer up, maybe I'll watch these pathetic losers.

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