Friday, October 31, 2008

Newt For RNC Chairman?

If the GOP is going to find itself out in the wilderness, they'll certainly need someone with fresh ideas and a proven track record at the top of the party and is there anyone out there in recent memory with a better record than Newt Gingrich?
BRACED for setbacks in next Tuesday's election, Republicans are already searching for a new leader to restore the party to the philosophical principles of its 1994 Revolution.

In fact, some are turning to the very architect of that revolt, and are pressing behind the scenes for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to take the helm of the Republican National Committee from which to once again plot a storming of the gates.

"Newt is a man of ideas and he is a force of nature," said one GOP official who leans in favor of making Gingrich RNC boss.

"He'll be the first to tell you that some of his ideas can be crazy, but at least they're ideas, and often, they're brilliant."

Supporters say Gingrich, a professor from Georgia who battled his way to the top of the party, has the unique combination of outside-the-box visionary thinking and obsessive, tireless energy to carry out the work that lies ahead for the party.

"This battle is going to be huge," said another Gingrich supporter. "It's going to be really hard work."
There are obvious drawbacks, one being Gingrich is a favorite punching bag of the media elites, who unleashed a relentless slash and burn campaign against him after he became House Speaker back in 1994. By the time the 1998 midterm elections had rolled around he stepped down as speaker to be replaced (albeit temporarily) by Bob Livingston, who lasted all of five minutes once Larry Flynt unleashed to dogs of war on him. Livingston was supplanted by Dennis Hastert, who was never one to rally the troops or even come up with some bold, fresh ideas.

Once he left elected office though, Gingrich has remained in the public sphere, became a best-selling author and most recently has led the Drill Here, Drill Now campaign that reinvigorated the public's desire to tap our own resources rather than being held captive by foreign oil suppliers.

For those who are turned off by Gingrich, they have to admit he's an intellectual who's forward thinking and can help the party regain a foothold in the battle of ideas. He won't be one of these timorous moderates looking to polish a public image while being subservient to the Democrat steamroller.

The GOP will need a strong force to battle the Democrats with and Gingrich certainly has the chops and name recognition. Speaking of which, can you even name the current chairman?

That alone should tell you leadership is sorely lacking.

BTW, his name is Mike Duncan. Good luck even picking him out of a lineup.

This isn't an endorsement of Gingrich, but I'd be curious to know some other names folks out there might be considering.

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