Thursday, October 23, 2008

University of Nebraska Claims a Blogger Threatened William Ayers

We noted last week the University of Nebraska had come to their senses and canceled an appearance by Barack Obama's terrorist pal William Ayers, and now they're claiming Ayers was threatened by an unidentified blogger.
A threat assessment expert says some people furious over the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's invitation to former radical William Ayers threatened protests and made veiled threats to kill him.

Professor Mario Scalora says in a memo released by the university Wednesday that there would be "hell to pay" if Ayers' scheduled appearance on Nov. 15 wasn't canceled.

One blogger said: "I wonder what kind of flag (Ayers) wants on his coffin."

Ayers helped found the Vietnam-era radical group the Weathermen, and he's now an education professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Ayers' ties to Barack Obama have been featured in Republican attacks.
Nowhere can I find this mystery blogger identified. This AP story is being disseminated around the globe and they fail to note who allegedly made this threat. Wouldn't that be of some relevance to the story?

If anyone can find a link to this "blogger" please let me know. A search for variations on that quote turn up nothing but that AP item. For all we know it was a comment left on a blog somewhere.

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