Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama Hindered by 'Sudden Drop' in Fundraising

You suppose this sudden drop has anything to do with all the credit card fraud stories popping up? It doesn't occur to the Associated Press to inquire.
Barack Obama and John McCain enter the final days of the presidential campaign amid dwindling reserves, with Obama hindered by a sudden drop in fundraising and McCain restrained by spending limits.

Obama, the Democratic nominee, spent more than $105 million during the first two weeks of October, according to new campaign finance reports. He reported raising only $36 million for his campaign during that period, about half the fundraising pace he enjoyed in September.

The Illinois senator shattered records and dumbfounded Republicans and Democrats by raising $150 million in September. Obama could still do better in October. His more recent report showed he had taken no share from a joint Obama-Democratic Party victory fund that raised about $27 million during the same October period.
Perhaps those who are dumbfounded might want to do a little investigating. Isn't that what the media is for? Oh no, they're here to root for Obama. Silly me.

After raking in over $600 million so far, much of it rather suspicious, Obama is pleading for more money.
Obama and his wife, Michelle, issued e-mail fundraising appeals on Thursday. The candidate warned supporters that "the margins of victory in crucial battleground states will be small."

Added his wife: "It all comes down to Friday morning when we make the last, tough choices about where we can fight — and how hard."
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