Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stone's Bush Bash Flick Tanks

What a shocker. Another anti-Bush flick bombs at the box office. Nothing like a "biographical" film about a president while he's still in office.
There's been tremdous [sic] interest by the public in the box office fate of Oliver Stone's W. for its second weekend in release. Well, it ran out of steam. QED International/Lionsgate's Bush biopic sank 58% to No. 8 with $1.5 million Friday from 2,050 dates for what will probably be a $5.2M weekend. The $30M negative cost film should end up with $23M domestic box office gross by the end of its North American run. That means, with a $25M P&A investment and Lionsgate's distribution fees, the film won't recoup.
I wonder how Stone's ChiCom investors feel?

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