Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hooters Announces Economic Stimulus Package

No really. Here don't take my word for it read the press release. This is certainly a stimulus package I can support.

In an unprecedented display of bipartisan cooperation, Hooters Girls reached across the aisle, working with their beloved regulars to pass a stimulus package that is not only cold and refreshing, but also fiscally responsible and undeniably patriotic. Jess the Hooters Girl was proud to achieve consensus: "$1 drafts will free up some cash in your budget for more critical needs, like the 2009 Hooters Swimsuit Calendar." Preliminary poll results indicate strong public support, particularly among independent and undecided swing state voters.

So, in the spirit and tradition of American ingenuity, Hooters encourages the residents of both Main Street and Wall Street to come together and support our economic recovery by visiting an RMD/Hooters Restaurant in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee to enjoy $1.00 Domestic Drafts, All Day, Every Day.

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