Friday, October 31, 2008

Media Blowback: WaPo Profit Drops 86%

As we all know, journalism is officially dead and buried on the heels of this presidential campaign, and nothing more demonstrates the fact than dozens of these alleged journalists that are now de facto press aides for Barack Obama haven't officially boycotted his campaign this morning after reporters for three major newspapers were barred from Air Messiah.

So can it any longer be newsworthy that newspapers are in dire straits financially since readers are abandoning them in droves?

Well, it's newsworthy to me that the Washington Post, carrying water for Obama with this absurd defense of PLO mouthpiece Rashid Khalidi, good buddy of Barack Obama, has seen their profits virtually disappear in the third quarter.

Good. I won't rest until it's 100% and they're bankrupt.
Washington Post Co. reported an 86 percent drop in third-quarter profit as it wrote down the value of its publications and recorded a 14 percent decrease in advertising at its flagship newspaper.

Net income fell to $10.3 million, or $1.08 a share, from $72.5 million, or $7.60, a year earlier, the company said in a statement distributed by Business Wire today.
Of course this decline doesn't strictly stem from a decline in readers, but these organizations such as the Washington Post and hordes of others from the LA Times to the New York Times need to be boycotted. And they're just several of dozens of newspapers, magazines and television outlets that should be ignored. These people are not journalists, they're propagandists with an agenda, and simply put, that agenda is to destroy any dissent from liberal orthodoxy and truth simply no longer matters with them. Whatever can further the goal of their politics is now justified. They're not satisfied with simply looting the personal files of a Joe the Plumber or smearing Sarah Palin, now they're not even standing up for their professional peers. They've sacrificed dignity, honor and a journalistic code in furtherance of their political ideology.

They must be shunned.

There is an enormous opportunity for the alternative voices in the new media to rise up and replace them. The time is now.

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