Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Ad Targets Murtha

The GOP is pouring some cash into the effort to unseat the increasingly erratic and unstable John Murtha from his House seat and this ad will begin running in the Pittsburgh are beginning Thursday. Spread it around so it gets maximum exposure.
The National Republican Congressional Committee, a national political organization which supports GOP candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives, confirms it will spend $84,000 on TV ads against Rep. John Murtha. The commercials will begin running on Pittsburgh TV affiliates Thursday.

The ads support Republican candidate William Russell, by highlighting some of the recent controversial statements by the veteran Johnstown Democrat. The commercial includes clips of the Congressman using the phrases "redneck" and "racist" to describe some Pennsylvanians.
I saw a clip of Murtha on Fox News this evening and he was bugging out, saying words to the effect that "no goddamn way" a "carpetbagger" is going to come into his district and win.

Well, at least he didn't directly call William Russell a racist redneck.

Also, as noted at the Russell Brigade, Fred Thompson has cut a 60-second radio ad promoting Russell.

Update: Here's the Fox News video from tonight.

Via Ace.

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