Thursday, November 04, 2010

Is PrezBo Invading India or Giving Sailors R&R?

34 naval warships to accompany PrezBo on his trip to India, for reasons that still are not entirely clear, for his protection and yet when the citizens of this country holler for some help on the southern border to stem the growing threat posed by Mexican drug cartels and the flood of illegals crossing the border, not all of whom are coming to this country for jobs, his response is have his Department of Justice, led by Eric Holder, to file lawsuits to inhibit these citizens ability. I'm not sure if he intends to invade India or is going to allow the sailors a little R&R in support of Madame Michelle's reported visit to talk to the "hospitality" workers in the country.
Adding to the Obamas’ busy schedule is Michelle’s likely visit to Kamathipura, where she will meet commercial sex workers on the invitation of an NGO.

The details of this trip needs to be archived and brought off the shelf when the political campaign for 2012 begins in earnest to pound him and the Dems over head with.

If the security for this trip is that fraught with danger the prudent thing to do would be to call it off and invite whoever it is you are going to meet to come to America. I am sure it would be damn sight cheaper then the estimated $200 million a day this trip is reported to be costing us.

Least you think it will be all work and no play for the first queen, er lady she is planning on visiting some museums in between all the dinners and parties with her daughters in tow.

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