Monday, November 08, 2010

Clueless Pelosi To Host Reception Celebrating Democrat Achievements

As vanquished Democrats plead with her to step aside gracefully, Nancy Pelosi not only is completely out of touch with the political reality, she's now so far gone she's planning to "celebrate" the accomplishments of the disastrous 111th Congress she led off the cliff.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will host a reception Wednesday afternoon on Capitol Hill to celebrate "The accomplishments of the 111th Congress," according to an invitation sent out Monday.

The event will offer congressional Democrats, many of whom will not be returning to Congress next January, an opportunity to reflect on the party's legislative victories over the past two years. These have included the passage of major healthcare reform, financial regulatory reform, and climate and energy legislation.

Not likely to be lost on attendees, however, is that the unpopularity of many of these "accomplishments" among voters went far to contribute to a wave of Democratic losses in last week's mid-term elections, in which Democrats lost control of the House and their majority in the Senate was weakened.
I hope it's televised. Seeing Pelosi hoisting a champagne toast to her magnificent accomplishments should be a special moment.

Here's the invite.

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