Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CNN Host: 'I Wish I Brought a Gun to Work'

What's the deal with these hacks from the low-rated cable news networks? A few months back we saw the nutty MSNBC blowhard Ed Schultz threatening to torch the MSNBC studios, then another MSNBC host sits idly by as some lunatic calls for violent revolution in this country. Now we learn the folks at CNN are getting in on the act.
CNN anchor John King's "magic wall" sent him over the edge when his beloved touch screen jammed.

The DC-based anchor had a meltdown while anchoring his 7 p.m. show, "John King USA," from CNN's New York studio just days before the midterm elections.

After a slew of technical and editorial errors, King lost his cool when his signature and somewhat overworked touch screen malfunctioned.

"I wish I brought a gun to work," King yelled at studio operators on Oct. 29, according to several CNN sources.

According to a source, Turner Broadcasting System CEO and chairman Phil Kent called King into his office to reprimand him. "Phil has always been a huge fan of King and has always protected him when people were tired of his hothead antics, so this is a blow to him," the insider said.

A CNN rep didn't deny King's onset meltdown, but denied that King was called into a meeting with Kent over it. The rep said, "There are always frustrations -- it's live TV -- but this is not an accurate portrayal."
OK, then someone needs to produce video so we can decide.

What is it with these liberals and their violent rhetoric? Sadly for Media Matters, this stuff never happens at Fox. On the upside, King seems to be a perfect fit for MSNBC if he gets the boot from CNN. Hopefully he first gets help for his anger management issues.

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