Friday, November 12, 2010

Hollywood Nutcase Ed Asner Goes Full 9/11 Truther

They really shouldn't let this guy out of the sanitarium. Here he is with an incredulous Adam Carolla, almost nine full minutes of sheer lunacy.

Via Breitbart. More here.
“No high-rise has ever gone down by fire,” Asner explains. “Those buildings fell at the rate of gravity in ten seconds, flat.” He served up some more supposed “facts” as to why the buildings had to have been brought down by domestically planted explosives, rather than internationally hateful terrorists. Carolla tried to debunk the conspiracy theory by asking why the surreptitious government of Asner’s mind, if it was so keen on instigating a war, didn’t go ahead and plant WMDs in Iraq. “Because it wasn’t the same department of government,” Asner replied, chuckling at Carolla’s naiveté.

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