Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Racist Tea Partiers Wildly Cheering a Black Man

How does this fit into your little 'ole narrative of a country of old white racists that make up the Tea Party, Mr. Mainstream Media? Former LTC Allen West won the congressional seat in Florida's 22nd district and while you can't really see him in the video I found giving his acceptance speech, you can see the crowd. I have no doubt that he will face some venom from some of those liberal-minded tolerant progressives who seem to come up with all the hurtful phrases that make it into our vocabulary, but I would like to add my congratulations to Mr. West for his victory, beating out an incumbent Democrat for this seat.

Now, give 'em hell and show them the difference between leadership and management.

Here is the man with one of greatest video hits, in case you are unfamiliar with him.

Mr West will not be going to Washington by himself. Tim Scott won a congressional seat in South Carolina.

I'm sure they will be welcomed warmly into the Congressional Black Caucus.

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