Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Shhh: Jan Brewer Cruises to Victory

Amazing how just a few months ago she was dressed up as a Nazi by the leftwing hate machine, her state was under assault from the Injustice Department and the finger-waggers warned the GOP how such xenophobic actions as enforcing immigration law would alienate Hispanic voters. Then a funny thing happened. Jan Brewer won a resounding victory and the national media didn't notice.
Gov. Jan Brewer scored an easy win over her opponents on Tuesday, fueled by her staunch support of Arizona's controversial immigration law and a national mood that favored Republicans.

Early returns showed Brewer defeating Democrat Terry Goddard by a significant margin. Libertarian Barry Hess and Green Party candidate Larry Gist trailed far behind.

"Tonight, the people have redeemed and renewed America," Brewer said at Republican Party headquarters Tuesday night.

Brewer's victory Tuesday capped off a remarkable political comeback for a candidate dismissed as "toast" by members of her own party as recently as March. Elevated to the Governor's Office after Janet Napolitano became Homeland Security secretary, Brewer spent her first year in office locked in a heated budget battle with her fellow Republicans in the Legislature.

This year Brewer found her political footing, signing Senate Bill 1070 and becoming a national figure on immigration issues. Vocal opposition to federal health-care reform further enhanced her standing among Arizona's electorate.
Other winners in Arizona included Ben Quayle, son of the former VP Dan Quayle. Ruth McClung likely has lost narrowly to Democrat Raul Grijalva.

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