Friday, November 05, 2010

They're So Cute When They Get Angry: Kooky Kos Kidz Write Letters Protesting Olbermann Suspension

Temper tantrum turns to comedy gold. Does Phil Griffin realize the rage he's inspired in the drones from The Land of Kos? Well if he reads his email he's sure in for some good laughs.
You need to grow some balls and defend this network’s liberal slant. Or resign and make room for someone who will. It is a service to the country to have at least one network that has the courage and the decency to provide the public with factual news combined with analysis based on liberal values. It provides a much needed perspective that is sorely missing and underrepresented in the public debate. You should not be embarrassed or defensive about providing such an essential service to the country. You should not apologize or feel the need to punish your staff for providing this service. No one in this country is surprised that Olbermann contributed to Democrats. No one will think any less of MSNBC or of Olbermann and his show. It does not at all come as a surprise. The fact that you felt Olbermann should be punished for this means either that you are delusional, unaware that he provides a liberal political perspective that the country is hungry for, or that you are overtly and covertly opposed to this perspective and are exercising your authority for political reasons. This decision only serves to undermine your credibility. It shows you have made a choice to develop news analysis programs with a liberal perspective, but you don’t have the balls to stand by it. Or that you have always been opposed to the liberal perspective but were powerless to prevent your network from going in that direction.

I will not watch MSNBC until Keith is back on the air.
Feel the foot-stomping. Then there's this gem from a "reality-based" commenter.
I only watch Keith and Rachel on your network. I am repulsed by Joe Scarborough. It's my understanding that Morning Joe has very low ratings, so I don't know why that show is still on the air.
Keith and Joe both host opinion shows. Keith is not a news reporter or news anchor. Both Keith and Joe donated $ to political candidates. Why wasn't Joe suspended? Double standard!
I won't be watching MSNBC tonight at 8 p.m. as I normally do. Guess I'll check out Parker/Spitzer to see what that show is all about.
Keith better be back on Monday. I know I won't be back to MSNBC is he isn't.
If he desired people be fired for low ratings, none of the shows he watces would be on the air. This irony escapes him.

It appears their strategery is to all go after Joe Scarborough.
Way to treat the fans of your network. Suddenly you’ve discovered that you’re all "honorable" and "ethical" by firing the best host on your station, when Scarborough has also donated to candidates. Did you even issue a warning to the other hosts afterwards? Did you even say ANYTHING to ANYONE after Joe’s donation? Or were you were just waiting like a vulture, ready to pounce, for someone else to do the same. Yeah, quite a lot of much integrity you have, as in zero.

You’ll bend over backwards to protect some of your employees, but not others. I can’t imagine why. Oh yes, it’s OK if you’re a Republican. I don’t watch Morning Joe anymore, haven’t for years, because he makes me sick and Mica is just a dingbat, getting paid tons of money to giggle and say "oh Joe. Oh stop. Oh Joe. Tee hee hee" . Yes, we see where your priorities are. Keith and Rachel are the best thing you’ve got going. You just don’t want an audience do you.
Who is this Mica he speaks of?

This one goes so far as to declare he won't be watching NBC programming of any kind!
Mr. Griffin,

Your decsion to suspend Mr. Olbermann is quite frankly, just what I would expect from a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporate elite and republican party.

Your pet Joe Scarborough is allowed to make political donations since he hosts an "opinion" show, and a lousy one at that. But, Mr. Olbermann is not allowed to make political donations since he hosts an "opinion" show.

Double standard much?

Well I hope it works out for you, but here is what you are losing. One prime member of the beloved 29-54 demographic. Not just MSNBC mind you. All of NBC-Universal properties will now be removed from my remote and all viewing sessions. Be sure to share this with your advertisers, because I will be.

As a matter of fact, since MSNBC is about the only channel I watch beyond movies and sports, and Keith and Rachel the only shows worth watching regularly, I really don't need cable anymore. That should make your future owners happy! One less customer to worry about.

Oh, and the traffic I've been sending to on a daily basis? That's gone too now. I'll use instead.

So thanks for the extra time and money! In this economy It is welcome
That ought to scare Griffin. One less moonbat with cable.

Here's some more reality-based thought.
Rachel must be wondering what the right thing to do would be. Does she resign in protest, and thereby save them the trouble of finding an excuse to get rid of her too? Losing her voice would be another terrible blow to progressives. This country needs to hear the other side of things. The air waves should not be exclusively the property of the Republican party.
There's no fixing stupid. Consider:
I say go whole hog on this and hold it up, as loudly as possible, to go after the Republican stranglehold on media.

I'm not obtuse about this, mind you. This kind of shit is why I'm not that big of a fan of the politicking of people like Jon Stewart who hold there to be 'two sides' to the insanity on the airwaves. Sticking Keith in that montage of monsters at the rally really kind of pissed me off.
And. of course, it just devolves from there.

Keith did nothing wrong. Fixed News makes millions of contributions and nothing happens!

I've emailed phil. I ended with this,

"On Behalf of everyone at dkos, you have ruined the best thing the MSNBC has to offer. To that, I saym "GO FUCK YOURSELF!"

We need to crash thier email and keep calling until Keith comes back on!

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