Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tsunami Watch: Update: Fox Calls House for GOP

The fun begins. Follow the fun here, here, here, here, here and here.

Exit polls indicate Obama and the Democrats should probably consider exile. Instead they'll double down on stupid.

Quick picks: GOP +67 in the House, +8 in the Senate.

Question: Who will be the first TV babblehead to weep tonight?

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7:01: Shepard Smith nearly wept as he announced Rand Paul the winner in Kentucky, the words "tea party" dripping out of his mouth. OK, get Shep off now. Dan Coats also wins in Indiana.

7:05: MSNBC panel smears Rand Paul. Ed Schultz, in some gigantic empty room, refuses to believe Paul has won. Rachel Maddow has the most testosterone on the set.

7:12: Drudge has the siren going, and this:
Tea for Three: Coates, Paul, DeMint Win Senate Seats...


IL 49-43 Kirk [R]... KY 55-44 Paul [R]... NV TIED...

Arkansas: Boozman (R) over Lincoln (D)
California: Boxer [D] over Fiorina [R]
Florida: Rubio [R] over Crist [I], Meek [D]
Ohio: Portman (R) over Fisher (D)
North Dakota: Hoeven (R) over Potter (D)
Wisconsin: Johnson (R) over Feingold (D)

I'd like to hold out hope the wave sweeps out Barbara Boxer. Please?

7:20: Let there please be a God. Is Bawney worried?

7:25: You can follow this handy map as America is swept by a red wave.

7:30: Fox calls Ohio for Rob Portman. No surprise. I see the early numbers have Dan Webster up 63-39 over the odious Alan Grayson. Oh boy.

7:40: Sensing the worst, Democrats plan legal action.

7:45: In other news, our spendthrift Dear Leader will soon be leaving the country.

7:50: Oh good, Shep is leaving now. Mmm. Megyn Kelly coming up.

7:53: Meanwhile, Kitty Dukakis is acting erratically, as are most Democrats.

7:56: Kelly, dazzling in red, announces Senator Depends, Pat Leahy, will continue to stain Washington.

8:00: Marco Rubio declared the winner in Florida, Democrats Lying Dick Blumenthal in Connecticut and Coons in Delaware. Republican Roy Blunt wins Missouri, Democrat Mikulski in Maryland, Republican Shelby in Alabama. Rubio pulling 50% in a three-way race.

8:07: Another good map to follow. Another update here. The Humpbot is already out.

8:10: A giant pudding-eating Ewok threatens DC.

8:15: Updates at NRO.

8:20: A heartwarming election night story: The end of an era: ACORN files Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

8:30: The biggest lowlife in the Congress is now free to pursue a new gig at MSNBC. Fox announces another GOP Senate pickup, in Arkansas.

8:38: Fox calls West Virginia for Democrat Joe Manchin, a hold for Democrats. Manchin ran against Obama. Looks like the GOP cannot get the Senate. My forecast of +8 still in range. Fox also calls it for Webster over Grayson in a blowout.

8:48: Grayson blames the weather for his defeat. Yes, really.
Grayson's campaign said they needed a massive Democratic turnout to win, and that simply didn't happen with the weather.
9:00: No surprise, Dems sweep governor and both Senate seats in New York. Hoeven wins in North Dakota, a GOP pickup. Republican Snyder wins governor's race in Michigan.

9:13: Fox calls House for GOP with a projected gain of 60 seats. I'm holding out for my 67. The Humpbot is back out. MSNBC forecasts an apocalyptic America led by Rand Paul.

9:27: Ugh. Fox calls it for Barney Frank over Sean Bielat.

9:55: Grayson has now moved from blaming the weather to blaming gerrymandering.

10:00: John McCain wins (shocka!). Deval Patrick win in Massachusetts (ugh). GOP picks up a few more governor's seats.

10:20: Dan Cleary is thrilled to have new GOP representation in TN-4.

10:30: Nikki Haley wins governor's race in SC, Martinez in NM. Media celebrates diversity. Oh wait, they didn't?

10:40: Russ McCain-Feingold goes down hard in Wisconsin. Closer to home, for Eagles lineman Jon Runyan picks up a seat for the GOP in NJ-3.

Cashing it in for the night. Look for Dan Cleary above...

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