Friday, June 22, 2007

Bleak Future for The New York Times

Thomas Lifson chronicles the desperate shape the New York Times is in, and somehow I just cannot find any sympathy for their plight.
Like some robber baron capitalist of yore, the New York Times is telling the remaining full price readers of its print product that they will pay more and get less, the same message it has been sending advertisers for years. But far from a sign of strength, this move is an indicator that the slow motion business collapse of the New York Times Company may be picking up its pace.
One bad business decision after another, coupled with a brazenly anti-American editorial policy, does not a bright future make.

The Times is no longer a must read for many people, they're not luring the younger generation of readers, and frankly, when was the last time any of the columnists had influence? I'd suggest not since William Safire retired.

Not only that, if you rely primarily on the Internet for news access, who in their right mind would pay to read a besotted hack like Maureen Dowd, a deranged nonentity like Paul Krugman, or affirmative action columnist Bob Herbert?

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