Thursday, June 21, 2007

Terrorists Iced in Pakistan ID'd

As we noted Tuesday, more than 30 terrorists were whacked in Pakistan, and reports now indicate they were mostly Arab and could possibly include some high-value targets.
ISLAMABAD: The terrorists who have been killed in blast in Datakhel area near the Afghan border in abandoned area of Miramshah have been identified.

Military sources while talking to Online confirmed that explosion in the suspected religious seminary in Datakhel area near the Afghan border on Wednesday claimed 33 lives out of which 27 persons including four injured have been identified as foreigners.

Military sources further confirmed that out of 23 deceased, 19 have been identified as Arab, while four belonged to Turkmenistan.

Similarly, four injured have also been identified as Arab. Now the area has been under strict security after the deployment of military personnel.

The locals of the area also confirmed that there was no religious seminary where the explosion occurred rather a compound used for the terrorists training.
Hmm. There has been very little media attention given this story the past couple of days, but it seems there may be more to this. The strike curiously came right after the reports of suicide bombers being prepped in the area.

Via Strata-Sphere.

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