Thursday, June 28, 2007

So Much for the Fatah 'Moderates'

Such a swell idea it was to open the floodgates of cash for Fatah.

IDF exposes bomb lab in Nablus
A number of IDF troops were wounded during an operation in Nablus Thursday which exposed a large explosives laboratory.

Three prepared explosive devices, each weighing roughly five kilograms, were found in the laboratory, along with numerous weapons, magazines and materials used to manufacture bombs.

Israeli army forces entered Nablus Wednesday to operate against terrorist infrastructure and locate illegal weapons caches. The large-scale operation was launched after intelligence information indicated that terrorists in the city were planning a number of attacks in Israeli territory.

Wednesday afternoon soldiers discovered another weapons cache containing a pipe bomb, a Kalashnikov rifle, a hand gun and two grenades. At another location in Nablus troops found an M-16 rifle and a telescopic sight. The weapons were confiscated and the grenades were detonated in controlled explosions.

Thus far eight Fatah-affiliated suspects have been arrested in the frame of the operation.
It won't be long until we hear of hungry children who somehow aren't being fed with the free billions flowing into the West Bank. The idiots will wonder where the money went.

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