Saturday, June 30, 2007

Jeep Cherokee Attacks Glasgow Airport

Of course, much of the media is trying to downplay the story, and you'll just love the Reuters account.
A four-wheel-drive vehicle crashed into the main terminal at Glasgow airport on Saturday and exploded in flames, a day after police foiled a possible al Qaeda plot to detonate two car bombs in central London.

A Glasgow police spokeswoman said there were no immediate reports of any injuries and said the blaze was under control.

Witnesses told the BBC that the vehicle, a Land Rover or a Jeep Cherokee, had exploded shortly after crashing into the glass front doors of the terminal, and said there was a heavy stench of petrol.

"It raced across the central reservation and went straight into the building," said taxi driver Ian Crosby outside the terminal.
So reading the first four paragraphs of the story, one key detail is missing. Who was driving the vehicle?
Crosby said a stocky Asian man had got out of the car and was quickly wrestled to the ground by bystanders.

"It would appear to me to have been a deliberate attack. I think this was a terrorist attack," Crosby said.
Oh, so it wasn't the vehicle that carried out the attack.

It was a mysterious Asian man.

We all know what that means.

More here.
Two men — one of them engulfed in flames — were in the SUV, witnesses told BBC News executive Helen Boaden, who was at the airport at time. She described the men as South Asian.

Clarkson described one of the men as a large South Asian man.

"His whole body was on fire.... He was just talking gibberish," he told the BBC.

Grey described a struggle between police and one of the men in the car.

"An Asian guy had been pulled out of the car by two police officers he was trying to fight off and they'd got him on the floor," he told the BBC.

Boaden said police "wrestled him to the ground — the fire was burning through his clothes — and finally put him out with a fire extinguisher."
Why did they waste a perfectly good fire extinguisher? Should have let him burn.

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