Thursday, June 28, 2007

Revenge Of The Goracle?

If I was Bill, I'd be giving some serious thought about spending a very long weekend with some trailer trash ho.
Poll of Democrats reveals Gore could still steal the show
    · Clinton would be big loser if ex-vice president ran
    · Republicans also unhappy with current candidates
A presidential election poll suggesting Democratic voters would prefer former vice-president Al Gore to any of the declared contenders, including frontrunner Hillary Clinton, has highlighted continuing dissatisfaction among supporters of both main parties with the choice of candidates to succeed George Bush.

The poll, conducted in New Hampshire by 7News and Suffolk University, confirmed Ms Clinton's nationwide double-digit lead over her main rival, Illinois senator Barack Obama. The former first lady and New York senator attracted 37% support, against Mr Obama's 19%.

Where's the outrage from the poverty pimps? Doesn't this prove that Democrats are racists?
John Edwards, a former North Carolina senator, was on 9%.

But if Mr Gore were to seek the Democratic nomination, 29% of Ms Clinton's backers would switch their support to him, the poll found. When defections from other candidates are factored in, the man who controversially lost to Mr Bush in the 2000 election takes command of the field, with 32% support.
Run like hell, Bill, the wife's life's gonna be a bitch for a few days.

Leading presidential candidate Ron Paul was unavailable for comment.

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