Sunday, June 24, 2007

Danes to Burn Effigy of Mohammed....

I predict an Islamic Rage Boy sighting if this hits the MSM. Side note, God bless the Danish!!....

Via: Gates of Vienna

Today is Midsummer’s Day — Saint Hans’ Day in Denmark — and the traditional Danish midsummer custom is to burn an effigy of a witch in order to banish evil from the country and ensure the good fortune of the people in the coming year. This year there’s going to be a slight variation on the usual ritual.

According to SIAD, a previously secret group is planning to burn an effigy of Mohammed instead of a witch, to symbolize the need to rid Western Europe of a new kind of evil. Tomorrow the group will release a video of tonight’s Midsummer bonfire.

I’m sure the “Muslim street” is not going to take this one lying down, so now is a good time to buy stock in Danish flag manufacturers and the butane lighter companies.
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