Thursday, June 21, 2007

Miracle in Texas

Last night a miracle occurred in Texas. Sammy Sosa hit his 600th career home run and discovered how to speak and understand English at the same time.

No. 600 for Sammy
Playing for the Texas Rangers after a year out of baseball, Sosa became the fifth member of the 600-homer club Wednesday night when he connected against his former team.

"It was something that cannot be explained," Sosa said. "Getting my 600th against the Chicago Cubs, and my first team (was) the Texas Rangers. It's like everything clicked. My emotions, I don't know what they are."
When most of you last saw Mr. Sosa. it was several years ago and he was sitting in front of a Congressional hearing panel and a bunch of cameras. At that hearing Mr. Sosa struggled mightily to understand/speak basic English. He had problems undertanding what the words "steriods", "human growth hormone" meant, or even recognizing his own name for that matter. Then, when testing in the majors started, Mr. Sosa took a year off for some strange reason. He spent that year losing an amazing amount of weight and muscle tissue. He also apparently earned a doctorate in English from the University of Chicago, based on his current strong grasp of the English now that no one with subpoena power is asking him questions about steroids anymore.

In my book, Sosa's home runs do not count, nor do those of Barry Bonds, McGwire or most of the other over-bulked goofs from the last 20 years.

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