Saturday, June 30, 2007

Two Arrested in UK Terror Plots

We figure many more will be rolled up in the next couple of days, but at least it's a start. Still no identification, but two suspects have been bagged. My suspicions are they may have originated somewhere in the map above. Hint: Look toward the upper left.

UK police arrest 2 after London, Glasgow incidents
British police said on Sunday they had arrested two people in northern England in connection with an attempted car bombing in London and an incident at Glasgow airport in which a car was rammed into the building.

"Police have this evening arrested two people in connection with events in London and Scotland on the 29th and 30th of June," London's Metropolitan Police said in a statement.

The arrests were made in the county of Cheshire by counter-terrorism officers, the statement said.

Two men rammed a petrol-filled, four-wheel-drive vehicle into Glasgow airport on Saturday in what police called a terrorist attack. The men were arrested and one was taken to a hospital in critical condition with burns.

The attack came barely 36 hours after police thwarted a possible al Qaeda plot in London in which two cars loaded with fuel, gas canisters and nails were left in the centre of the capital poised to detonate.

A caller to BBC television said he had been in a car on a motorway in Cheshire when traffic had been brought to a halt by unmarked police cars in all three lanes.

The man, named as Peter Whitehead, said he saw a woman in what he called Muslim dress and two men in suits step out of a car which had pulled to the side of the motorway.

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