Friday, September 26, 2008

MSNBC Yanks Ad Questioning McCain's Health

We noted this disgusting ad unveiled by Howard Dean's brother yesterday and at the time CNN had refused to run it. Well, after much criticism, the low-rated MSNBC, an adjunct of the Obama campaign, has decided to pull it.

Smart move. You know something's really got to stink that even MSNBC runs from it.
The cable network MSNBC on Friday stopped airing a commercial by two liberal groups that makes an issue of John McCain's past bouts with skin cancer and demands that he release his medical records to the public.

"The ad had not been thoroughly vetted prior to air, and has since been removed from our commercial rotation," NBC spokeswoman Allison Gollust said in an e-mail. She did not elaborate.
Funny, but wasn't MSNBC talking about how a certain someone was properly vetted a few weeks ago?

Naturally, the moonbats whine.
MSNBC's decision came a day after FOX New commentator Bill O'Reilly denounced the ad on his cable program as "perhaps the most vicious political ad of the campaign." O'Reilly singled out Dean and Brave New PAC's Robert Greenwald, a California film producer, for blame, and also mentioned Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of NBC parent company General Electric, and NBC CEO Jeff Zucker. "They should be ashamed, but they are anything but," O'Reilly said.

"Democracy for America stands behind the ad 100 percent," spokesman Daniel I. Medress said. "It's disappointing (MSNBC) would take marching orders from Bill O'Reilly. And it's disappointing that they don't want the American people to be able to ask the question of John McCain to release his medical records."

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